About Us

Handmade Dog Accessories, Collars, Leads, Bandanas & Bow Ties
I am Delly, a latin migrant woman, the designer and maker behind the scenes of Fluffy Tales. Since I was a little girl was introduced to the sewing world by my auntie, I always was interested to learn more and more about sewing, later on I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, but circumstances did not allow me to do it at that time, because I had to move to another town and leave my mom alone, so then I left my dreams behind and became an Accountant. I have been working in this field since then.
Once the COVID pandemic started I was left with no job, good thing though being a positive person made me look at the bright side. I started to look on what I could do to keep my mind busy, instead of being in the couch waiting for this outbreak pandemic to stop. I started to use my sewing machines. I am a person that always think about creativity, may be as I wanted to be a Fashion Designer lol. Before I left my country Venezuela, I had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but I was never able to start properly, as I always focused in my Accounting career.

With my partner support, I did some research and look for something I could do from home. It was when I look outside and found that there was a lack of nice luxury and colourful dog accessories, that is how the idea of Fluffy Tales was born.
We established this business primarily out of our love for animals, as their well-being is very important to us. Moreover, as a latin woman we love colourful products as they bring JOY to anyone’s life.
We thought it would be nice for dog owners to have an online store where they could find luxury, unique, durable and colourful handmade accessories for their happy and healthy furry.
Later on I started to read and watch documentaries about sustainability and as we believe in sustainability the main objective of Fluffy Tales is to create dog accessories with as much as possible sustainable quality materials.
I am looking forward to always give you the best of me, that means I create every piece with love and as it was for my dog, so you will never regret to get our special products.

‘If fears comes to your mind, be ready to cope with it. Well, I think when we are able to make changes for self-improvement, everything will work on our side, never give up to your dreams and be positive in all circumstances, because happiness will always knock at your door’

Lastly, we just want shopping at Fluffy Tales to be an amazing experience the whole family can enjoy and remember.